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*Current Hair Care Favs:
*Top Holy Grail Makeup Products:
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Hey my loves!! Todays video is a little different than normal! I had an awesome experience at the allergist this week. I learned a lot of new info and wanted to pass it on to you!! I’ve talked briefly about my eczema in other videos. Whenever I did I always noticed a ton of you were talking about it in the comments section. I feel like eczema is something people just ‘deal with’ because it never goes away. I literally couldn’t take it anymore so I went in to see an allergist. Thank you Dr. Kuriakose from Hudson Allergy Tribeca for my awesome experience! If anyone is in the area I highly recommend her. I hope you guys can learn something new and hopefully apply it to your own skincare problems. Remember everyone has Different skin. So what works for me may not work the same for you. I highly suggest seeing an allergist and or dermatologist so he/she can diagnose and treat you for the problems you are personally dealing with. I wanted to take you along for the journey because sometimes thinking about doing something can be scary. For instance getting poked by a bunch of things your allergic to. WELL it really DID NOT hurt! I promise. If I can handle it, so can you. I am literally the biggest baby and can’t handle any type of pain. Just to let you know 😉 Love you guys so much! XOXO Carli

I’m allergic to: Pollon, fresh cut grass, every animal (even hypoallergenic ones?), melons, apples, kiwi, peanuts, basically all raw nuts, and nutmeg.

Seen on Me:
*Suede Top:
*Arm Cuff: Brett’s Aunt 🙂 (Vintage)
*Earrings: 20% off with code: carlixoxo
*Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Liar
*Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

Face Favorites:
*Neutrogena Acne Stress Control
*Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub:
*Rhonda Allison Purifying Lotion (Toner)
*Estee Lauder Wrinkle Lifting Serum:
*Nerium Face Lotion:
*Image Skincare Hydrating Repair Cream
*La Mer Eye Cream (very pricey)

*Morning Routine Order:
1. Bar of Soap
2. Face Wash
3. Eye Cream
4. Lotion

*Night time routine Order:
1. Makeup Wipes
2. Bar of Soap
3. Face Wash
4. Toner
5. Serum
6. Eye Cream
7. Lotion

Body Favorites:
*Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash:
(Used the whole bottle with no complaints! I want to test out
the new Cerave one for now and see if it works better!)
*Cerave Body Lotion:
*She also recommended VaniCream
*Cerave Hydrating Skin Cleanser
*Clobetasol Propionate: On day 5 of this ointment and
my eczema is looking and feeling a lot better. It is not completely
gone yet. Will update you on DAY 7! You are only supposed to use this for one week! XO
*Aquafor Healing Ointment:
Anything with a * is a new product I am still trying! So far so good! I will keep you posted 🙂

*I also use FREE & CLEAR laundry detergent!
*Do not use dryer sheets if you have sensitive skin! They have a lot of chemicals in them!

Body Care routine Order:
1. Cleanse
*Cold showers are much better for eczema!!*
2. Lightly Pat Dry
*Key word Lightly. Rubbing hard can cause flare ups.
3. Prescription Ointment
(If you have one if not skip this step)
4. Thick Cream
(The thicker the better!)
5. Aquafor to seal moisture

Hudson Allergy Tribeca
Dr. Kuriakose

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